Monday, December 29, 2014

Favorite comments of '14: Watanabe Manabu

On Why do journalists stink at math education news?

Watanabe Manabu said...

I am a Japanese and have read the NY Times article "Why Do Americans Stink at Math?", which discusses a lot about Japan.

However, I have to say that Ms. Green's account of Japanese education is very misleading, as pointed out also by Dr. Tom Loveless in the Brown Center Chalkboard blog.

So I wrote her a letter and put it in my blog:

I would like to correct misunderstanding, because it is very sad to see that many people are discussing on the basis of the misleading report.

Thank you.

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Auntie Ann said...

I really liked that comment, because it showed the myopia of much of the research in education. There seem to be a lot of studies with such a narrow focus that they miss much of what is actually happening.

For example: in lots of districts EM works great! But, this ignores the massive efforts that parents take outside of school to make sure their kids are learning what they should, and the expense they are undertaking when they drop their kids off at Kumon a couple times a week.