Sunday, January 4, 2015

Favorite comments of '14, continued: Anonymous, Hainish, lgm, Jeff Boulier

On Autism Diaries: Strange Stories:

Anonymous said...
For those in your audience who may not be fully NT, can you give the answer?

Is it ... ( )

Zef. Fzvgu vf gelvat gb thvyg Wvyy vagb gnxvat n xvggra? Ohg jul jbhyq Zef. Fzvgu rira guvax gung jbhyq jbex? Rvgure Wvyy vf AG naq xabjf gung Zef. Fzvgu vf gelvat gb znxr ure srry thvygl, be Wvyy vf fbzrjung USN naq qbrfa'g haqrefgnaq jul Zef. Fzvgu jbhyq fnl fhpu n aba frdhvghe.

Or is it ...

Zef. Fzvgu vf frevbhf, naq fur unf gb qebja gur xvggraf gb xrrc gurz sebz tebjvat hc naq zngvat jvgu nyy bs gur fgenl srznyr pngf be ure bja srznyr png gung vf gur zbgure bs gur xvggraf?

Who knows why humans do the things they do? For some of us, every human interaction is an exercise in anthropological/sociological experimentation. The older we get, the more interactions we have, the better we are about guessing other people's motivations, but the secret is, we're still just guessing.
Hainish said...
A high functioning 17-year-old with autism, for example, said that Mrs. Smith's utterance was just a joke.

Can we give this 17-year-old (and others) the benefit of the doubt? While "just joking" may not be the most accurate description of what's going on, it's really not far off the mark either.

Anyhow, Mrs. Smith is a horrifying figure in this story, which manages *at best* to be discomforting. I wonder how many non-NT participants in the study got that, vs. NT controls.
lgm said...
My NT teens would not say the answer involves humor. They would say it involves greed, as Mrs. Smith is trying to profit without regard to Jill's needs and would likely kill the kittens instead of setting them free if she didnt get enough money from a customer. It is highly unlikely she would actually give the kittens away free to a good home if she is making remarks like that to a customer.

If humor was the intent of the remark, the author would have indicated so by using more descriptive writing. At the minimum said jokingly' instead of 'said', but more likely with additional wording to set the scene. A fine example of poor writing.

Jeff Boulier said...
For anonymous' rot-13: Pretty sure your first answer is correct. NT doesn't mean you're psychic, it just means you're (usually) more likely to figure out why people do the things they do.

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