Friday, January 30, 2015

Math problems of the week: Common Core-inspired word problems for 5th grade


Extra Credit:

The Common Core Standard on which this problem is based, 5.OA.B.3 (Grade 5, Operations and Algebraic Thinking), is this:
Generate two numerical patterns using two given rules. Identify apparent relationships between corresponding terms. Form ordered pairs consisting of corresponding terms from the two patterns, and graph the ordered pairs on a coordinate plane. For example, given the rule “Add 3” and the starting number 0, and given the rule “Add 6” and the starting number 0, generate terms in the resulting sequences, and observe that the terms in one sequence are twice the corresponding terms in the other sequence. Explain informally why this is so.
Is this problem
(a) an appropriate implementation of  5.OA.B.3?
(b) an appropriate problem for 5th grade?

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