Thursday, January 15, 2015

Math problems of the week: 4th Common Core-inspired 4th grade word problems vs. Singapore Math

I. From MathWorkSheetsLand:

2. From the Singapore Math placement test for the first half of 4th grade:

3. Extra Credit:

How do the 4th grade "Common Core"-inspired word problems compare with the Singapore Math problems in terms of mathematical vs. non-mathematical demands?

Which problem set involves more of the kind of algebraic thinking that Common Core authors want to see starting in elementary school?

Does the lack of illustrations in 4th grade Singapore Math problems deprive students of opportunities to apply math to real world contexts?


Anonymous said...

Is it my imagination, or is the first problem not a multistep problem?

lgm said...

The first isnt multistep. Appears to be a warmup. The lesson is a guided lesson, so students wont be doing it independently.