Friday, February 20, 2015

Math problems of the week: Common Core-inspired math problems

From's "Common Core Test Prep" page:


Extra Credit

American educational priorities often confuse labels with concepts. Identify those problems, above, where the primary challenge is knowing the meaning of a particular mathematical label, as opposed to understanding a mathematical concept.


Auntie Ann said...

"zeros of the expression" is a strange phrasing. What do they have against actual equations? Why is everything just expressions?

bky said...

Auntie Ann: Equations don't have zeroes but expression or function can.

x+1 has a zero at x=-1

Students frequently confuse expressions (which represent a number) and equations (which say that two expressions represent the same number). I think this comes from the habit of people prepending "Let y = " before writing down an expression.

Question number 7, by the way, is badly written and badly punctuated and is the most asinine of them all, in my opinion.

BTW - I was finally able to prove that I am not a robot. I am usually unable to read the swirly letters the way other non-robots can.

Auntie Ann said...

My point is more: why aren't they asking for the "solutions" to the "equations", instead of the "zeros" of the "expression". Why the aversion to an equals sign?

lgm said...

The test questions can be drawn from all the skills taught. The test does not have a question from each performance indicator.