Friday, June 26, 2015

Math problems of the week: Common Core-inspired "algebra" test problem

A problem from the "calculator section" of Algebra II  Performance Based Assessment Practice Test from PARCC (a consortium of 23 states that are devising Common Core-aligned tests).

Extra Credit:

Based on the given information, determine the ratio of algebraic to verbal challenges in this problem. Describe the steps used and explain any assumptions made. Create a model and describe the steps used to create it. Enter your answer, model, explanation, and assumptions in the space provided.


Auntie Ann said...

There is also a political message in there: we need to compost! It saves money! It's good for the environment!

The Washington Post had an article this week on how recycling pretty much anything other than cans is counterproductive, and I've seen that point many times before.

WaPo doesn't t mention the green compost bins, but I would be very surprised if they worked as intended any better than the blue bins.

Anonymous said...

I would not ask students to write their explanations of how/why they solved the problem. But I definitely would ask a few students to explain their thought process verbally. Maybe not verbally challenged students who could show their work, but a few regular students. I'd like to know that they're capable of walking someone through their thought process on problems like this one. Of course the ability to do that doesn't come (usually) until after the students have mastered the concept and the algorithms.

Anonymous said...

How is this an Algebra II problem? More like prealgebra.

Cynthia812 said...

Anonymous, you can solve it using an "x"! That makes it algebra!