Saturday, June 20, 2015

You need to do some graphics to make it look like they’re flying, when they’re not really flying

I recently came across this un-facilitated, unedited, in-class assignment that J wrote for his graphic design class. Somehow, with its earnest attempt to cope with whatever the prompt was, and with his years in high school now weeks away from their conclusion, I found it quite endearing. I reproduce it here with permission from the author.

Given what I’ve written recently about Facilitated Communication, I should note that, in a sense, the author’s in-class communication is facilitated. J’s handwriting being so bad that often even he can’t read it, he regularly uses an AlphaSmart keyboard. But the keyboard remains stationary, sitting on his desk rather than on the palm of someone else’s hand; it offers no text-completion software with pop-up windows of likely next words and grammatical corrections; and no one would even consider hovering over J and supporting his wrist while he types. This is an author who feels strongly about being left alone while the creative juices flow:

There are some people who becomes a graphic designer. Like making a fictional movie, you’ll have to do some graphics on some objects. Like when Violet turned into a blueberry, people had to do some graphics since you obviously can’t inflate people into a ball. 
You have to be good at programming. Graphics require some programming. When you make a movie, you’ll want it to look real, and not make it look like it’s edited. Like when we see Violet turning to a blueberry, it looks real, and has not been edited.
You have to be good at painting to make some cartoon movies. In cars, Lightning McQueen and other cars look like they’re real, but they were actually painted. You would want to make it look real, and not look like they have been painted.  
You have to have a software to do some graphics. Photoshop is one of the software. It can edit some things out, and put some new things in. Like if you want to change some of the words, you’ll want to remove the words, and put new words in, and you’ll want to make it look like real, and has not been edited.  
So if you want a graphic designer, you need to be prepared. You want to make a movie look real, and not been edited. Like in Harry Potter movie, quidditch is obviously not real. You’ll have to make some graphics to make it look like they’re flying, when they’re not really flying.

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