Thursday, August 27, 2015

Math problems of the week: 5th grade Common Core-inspired test questions vs. Singapore Math

I. A sample end-of-5th grade test question from Pennsylvania's revised PSSA tests.

Note: The state doesn't publicize what percentage correct is necessary for a score of "proficient" or "advanced," but rumor has it that it's significantly below the 80% benchmark set by the Singapore Math placement tests.

II. From the Singapore Math 5A placement test, for which 80% correct says you're ready for the second half of the fifth grade curriculum:

III. Extra Credit

Compare the problems in terms of (1) how well defined the questions are and (2) how obvious the first steps are.

First hint: How well defined is "1/3 of a bowl of rice"?

Second hint: In which problem is the first arithmetic operation immediately obvious, and in which one do you need first to devise an overall strategy?


lgm said...

One is full inclusion, one is not.
Gifted Denied.

FedUpMom said...

Wendell has 12 cups of rice. He puts an equal amount of rice into each of 5 bowls.

If Wendell put 1 cup of rice into each of 5 bowls, he would have fulfilled this requirement.

They should have specified that all of the original 12 cups of rice wound up in a bowl.