Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Climate vs. Progress

A follow-up to my August post, Leadership vs. Advanced Placement

…more recognition in today's paper for the best science and STEM school in city, as opposed to the science leadership school that gets all the local buzz and national attention.

Here's now J's alma mater came out among Philadelphia public and charter high schools:

Rank: 1 in the city
overall score: 82%
achievement score: 66%
progress score: 84% 
climate score: 94%

And here's the high school that gets all the local buzz and national attention came out:

Rank: 10 in the city
overall score: 62%
achievement score: 61%
progress score 32% 
climate score: 96%

The latter is the school that, with an admissions rate rivaling that of the Ivies, can cherry pick its students like no other in the city. Back in 2012, according to the principal, it had 2,100 highly qualified applicants for 125 available slots, and each year the lines out the door for its open houses for prospective students get longer.

Selectivity, it appears, correlates with school climate, but not with academic progress.

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