Monday, December 21, 2015

Favorite comments of '15: Anonymous and Auntie Ann

On A Preview of Coming Attractions
Anonymous said...
I think that spec ed should be required to differentiate between those who will always require accommodation/tech assist, because their disabilities are fixed and those whose disabilities are not fixed and for whom accommodation/text assist is either unnecessary, short-term only or appropriate only on a limited basis. A high-quadriplegic relative is in the first category (enough use of one arm to use electric WC)and a dyslexic relative is in the second. At her ES, the spec ed teacher allowed her to listen and dictate, as opposed to reading and writing, and essentially gave her answers. Her parents had to send her to a private spec ed teacher, who taught her how to compensate (to the point that she needed no IEP by MS/HS) - and who had left the school because she was not allowed to teach compensatory skills there. 
Auntie Ann said...
This article seems to go right along with this:

Tablets and smartphones may affect social and emotional development, scientists speculate

Two pull quotes:


The researchers warned that using a tablet or smartphone to divert a child’s attention could be detrimental to “their social-emotional development”.


Radesky questioned whether the use of smartphones and tablets could interfere with the ability to develop empathy and problem-solving skills and elements of social interaction that are typically learned during unstructured play and communication with peers.


If that's true of children as a whole, I would guess it is far more true of non-neuro-typical kids.

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