Friday, December 25, 2015

Favorite comments of '15: Auntie Ann

On Math problems of the week: Common Core-inspired test questions.

Auntie Ann said...
About 50% of the problems with the Common Core tests could be fixed by just doing the things on paper.

The move to computer-based testing is a disaster. I tried taking an online sample, and the computer interface was incredibly time consuming and frustrating. How are kids supposed to show their work on a computer screen? Something that can be quickly done with a pencil and paper becomes unwieldy and aggravating on a monitor. (My grad school thesis contained equations long enough to fill an entire page, I know how hard it is to do math with a computer!)

We've seen a lot of math problems from the tests, but I would think the language arts part are just as bad. Does the 8 year old touch-typist have an enormous advantage over the kid who actually knows grammar, spelling and has good reading comp, but who hasn't spent much time at a keyboard? Probably.

It's a case of the shiny new thing being adopted because it's shiny and new, not because it is actually useful.

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