Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Favorite comments of '15: Barry Garelick

On Losing yourself in the underworld

Barry Garelick said...

I see a lot of that where I am.

I attend the TAP sessions. TAP is a grant program in which a coordinator directs what teachers should be doing in various subjects and also conducts evaluations of the teachers four times a year in addition to the principal evaluating teachers.

The principal invited me to attend the TAP "cluster meeting" of the math teachers which meets once a week. It's eye opening but painful and hard for me to keep my mouth shut, though I generally do.

Anyway, the big thing in math is providing instruction to students on how to "problem solve" and "explain" their reasoning. She talks about flow maps, parallel flow maps, activating "schema". And these are the words used for students, so students use the edu-jargon.

 Not unusual to hear in a classroom "What do we do next, kids?"

Answer: "Activate the problem solving schema".

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