Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Favorite comments of '15, cont: Anonymous

Anonymous said...
I think the kinds of people who go into education, math or otherwise, are communicators. So vocabulary and labels are important to them. I am not sure they understand that math can be understood without so much of the vocabulary or labels, or even classification. There is too much early emphasis by them on communicating - explaining in words how you solved the problem, explain how your friends solved the problem, explain why this one is wrong, talk, talk, talk, communicate. They think that learning cannot take place without turning the kids into little teachers themselves. They think that if you can't communicate it in words, then you don't understand it. They forget that math is symbolic, and a form of communication in and of itself without needing sentences and vocabulary and words. And that some kids can understand things perfectly well without verbalizing. And that having to verbalize all the time can inhibit learning for those kids.

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