Thursday, January 7, 2016

Favorite comments of '15, cont: Bookish Babe and FedUpMom

Anonymous said...
With my experience as a substitute I can tell you point blank it is a waste of time. Not only does it take time away from actual teaching of subjects, it does not change the emotional outlook of the students. There will always be poorly behaved students disrupting the class. This has more to do with unstable home environments and nonexistent disciplinary policies. If anything this kumbaya fad makes things worse because it is quite dull and meaningless.

Bookish Babe

FedUpMom said...
Educrats are just so clueless. They're constantly underestimating how difficult things are.

"Kids learning to read? No problem! We'll just put them in a text-rich environment and they'll teach themselves!"

"Kids stressed out, with mental and emotional health issues? No problem! We'll sit them in a circle and have them talk about their feelings!"

They seem to live in a much simpler world than the rest of us.

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