Friday, June 17, 2016

Math problem of the week: Common Core-inspired guidelines for explained answers

From EngageNY's released test items and scoring guidelines for the New York State's math assessment for 8th grade:

Extra Credit:
Is the 4th responder being held to a higher standard than the other responders?


treehousekeeper said...

The first three responses are ridiculous.

I wonder what would have made the fourth response acceptable? Defining what m and b are?

Auntie Ann said...

These kids need to spend time on penmanship. Their writing makes them look like 3rd graders, though the topic is at the level of middle school or later.

Anonymous said...

Auntie Ann:

Unfortunately, penmanship is no longer taught in schools. That's why you see such bad handwriting from junior high students. It's a subject that has disappeared from the curriculum.

Bookish Babe

C T said...

"Is the 4th responder being held to a higher standard than the other responders?"

It looks like he is being punished for memorizing the standard form of a linear equation and applying that knowledge to the problem. Just what you'd expect from people who hate traditional math instruction and want to get lower scores for schools that teach math without lots of constructivism. The last student's approach is both correct and efficient, so he'll probably be the one of the four who does best in a STEM career. Not that public education as a block has seemed especially concerned with successful careers for the students for the past couple decades.