Friday, June 10, 2016

Math problems of the week: Common Core-inspired answer explanations guidelines

From EngageNY's released test items and scoring guidelines for the New York State's math assessment for 5th grade:

Extra Credit:

Do the above "does not sufficiently explain" (sample 1) and "summation is not shown" (sample 2) demonstrate only "partial understanding of the mathematical concepts in the task"?

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Steven said...

I showed this problem to my homeschooled 6th grade daughter. Her explanation as to why Andy's answer was wrong was that "Andy doesn't know how to add fractions." She then correctly calculated the answer for part B of the question, demonstrating that she knows how to add and subtract fractions correctly. To my mind that would be worth full credit.

If the test wants the kids to show how to add fractions, why does not not explicitly say: "Calculate the fraction DVDs that are action or comedy. Show your work."