Thursday, June 23, 2016

Math problems of the week: Common Core-inspired explanations requirements

From PARCC's Guide to Mathematics Released Items: Understanding Scoring:

From the Common Core Standards' Myths vs. Facts page:

Extra Credit:

Explain whether the above is a myth or a fact. In your explanation, you must use the time line of math education history--and, in the course of this time line, consider the use of the number line in lessons on multiplying fractions.


treehousekeeper said...

The instruction doesn't actually specify that the number line must be used. It just says to explain *how* one might go about doing so. The item should have read something like "Use the number line to find 2 x 5/12. Then explain your process below." They really need people who know how to write unambiguously to go over these tests.

Adelaide Dupont said...

We used to simplify and reduce these fractions to juice.