Friday, September 2, 2016

Math problems of the week: Common Core-inspired test questions

From the Smarter Balanced test's scoring guidelines for sample grade 4 questions:

Extra Credit:

Are the half-credit responses equally lacking in mathematical understanding?


S Goya said...

Although I agree that the rationale for the scores is sometimes questionable, it really has nothing to do with demonizing Common Core and everything to do with the inadequate profound understanding of fundamental mathematics possessed by most so-called math teachers at the elementary level.

Katharine Beals said...

The scoring guidelines were written by Common Core-inspired testing institutions, not by elementary school math teachers

Anonymous said...

Silly problem. In reality, if I thought I'd have 15 ounces, when a recipe listed 16 ounces for lemonade, I would go with the 10 lemons. If they are just a bit big, then I'd get the 16 ounces. If not, the lemonade might be a bit weak; unlikely anyone would notice. Otherwise, go to the store for one more lemon? I think not.
Maybe the test writers should do a study on lemonade made from small lemons verses big lemons and compare the results. Then, go write a math test instead of a culinary test. They just failed culinary arts.