Thursday, April 11, 2024

Autism Acceptance Month--what do we accept these days as autistic?

I fidget.

Clothing labels bother me.

I cover my ears to block out sirens.

I sometimes have trouble reading faces, following conversations, and knowing what to say.

Outside of my private refuges, I'm constantly masking my inappropriate reactions and urges and trying to pass as socially acceptable.

Socially demanding events tire me out.

So does lots of volume and sensory clutter.

I can get so absorbed in high-interest activities that I lose track of time and get highly distressed if interrupted.

I sometimes echo pithy things I heard earlier or "script" lines from movies and TV shows.

In other words...

I'm neurotypical.

And as a neurotypical person, I try to be fully accepting of autistic individuals, including of their right to communicate authentically without having their words, or their status as actually autistic, hijacked by others.

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